Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"When I was your age....

....we didn't watch tv or play video games. We played outside, in the woods, read things called 'books', and used our imaginations. Can you show me your imagination?" -Dusty, my son in 55 years, speaking to his grandchildren.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Dealing at Church, and a Family Reunion!

I walked into Unity Village Chapel on Sunday morning a tad bit late. I found my good friend Misty seated in a pew near the back. I slid in discreetly beside her as services had already begun. I no more than got settled in when Misty, peering suspiciously over her shoulders..once to the right, once to the left.. and without making eye contact leans in and whispers "You got the goods?".

Me, untucking a little paper bag from under my arm whispers back , "Yeah, I got the goods."

I slid the bag over to her, she quickly tucks it away in her purse and sets it under the pew. "OK, we're good."

We broke out into quiet giggles as we had just done our first mugwort deal, and in church. Misty had been having some dream fragments that she has been trying to piece together here lately, so I brought her some mugwort to put under her pillow at night.
Mugwort stirs about revelatory dreams (if put into a purple velvet satchel, so the witches and gypsies claim).

Never fear though...had we been "caught", Unity Village Chapel is probably one of the few churches that I know of who would not only encourage the use of mugwort and other natural herbs..they probably have a book on it somewhere in their metaphysical bookstore. One of the reasons I love Unity, for their openeness to metaphysical curiosities. Oh I do miss the good old Cowboy Church for the fellowship and nostalgia of an old chapel that sits off a backroad in Kansas.

Apparently, Misty ended up having "LOADS" of dreams Sunday night! Interesting!

Also Sunday, after service, the family loaded up into the truck and headed an hour into the Missouri hills to a family reunion on Darin's side. It was a joyous time and I was able to snap some lasting photo's of the day to share with you:




Dusty swings





Baby love

Doggie love


Buggy rides for all


Sam, the wee babe, trying his hand at badminton






Duck eggs, punkins, and strange vibes..

Last spring I had gladly accepted some ducklings in on trade for my dog grooming services, as I do love a good old fashioned barter. Those ducklings are now grown and plump (mouth watering plump, I must say), and have started laying me some lovely eggs which are delicious for baking with!! It's the simple things that excite me.
Don't worry, the part about being mouth watering plump...well....my girls are in the safe zone. No duck on the menu in the near future *wink*

The pumpkins have not done so great this season. The watermelons were amazing, but the pumpkins..meh....not so much. Temperamental things, pumpkins. However, out of the entire garden, we are getting about 3 nice big beauties coming up. I planted them a bit late, so two of the smaller ones are starting to speckle into orange, and one gigantic one is still a deep green with no hint of wanting to start changing over.

I do believe pumpkins are my favorite garden novelty! I just love watching them grow. It's rather sad that they are the last of the growing things. A few peppers are still clinging and thriving on the vines, but other than that...the garden is growing tired and has done its job for us this year. Time to bid it a fond farewell until next year.

Saturday, my husband went to a Football Hall Of Fame induction over at the local high school. His father, who passed away 10 months ago from lung cancer, was selected along with 2 others for induction! This was a huge honor for everyone in the family! I wanted so much to be able to attend, but I wasn't feeling so well that morning. I chose to stay home with baby Sam.

I had put Sam down for a nap and felt decent enough to sweep the oogy floor in the kitchen, and did so. Strangely, with no warning, I became very emotional and felt an overwhelming urge to cry...and did so. A heaviness of heartache and longing came over me, the tears were untsoppable. It went on for several minutes. I decided this was important enough (being the paranormal investigator that I am) to note the time..and I did so. The time was 12:45 pm. I knew deep down that I was experiencing somebody elses emotions, I just didn't know whose.

About 30 minutes later, Darin calls from his cell phone. Before he could barely get a word in I bombarded him with "Did you cry at the football induction, and if so what time was it?"

He was very puzzled and said "I didn't cry, and I have no idea what you mean."

I said "Did you get emotional?"

"Yes, when they were giving the speech about Dad I got choked up, and when they handed the plaque over. But I didn't cry."

"Well, what time was that?" I pressed.

"I have no idea, I'd have to look at the time on the camera...I took pictures."

I explained to him that I was quite confident I picked up his emotions, and it was important (to me) he find out the times.

When Darin got home, he had the times figured out: at 12:45 they began reading about his Dad, by 12:49 the plaque was presented.

Interesting indeed!

Saturday I also began sizing Licorice the pony to the new harness..but it is going to be too big. Darn. The wee babes were sure wanting a ride in their new cart! So, while I dug out the old harness (that fits) and started to clean it up with saddle soap, Darin gladly served as a stand in for the pony!


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Note to Self...

....NEVER assume city kids know how to play on a farm! We totally wrecked those poor things!!

Darin had some good friends of his and their 3 children come out for a bar-b-que last night. They are what I call "sparkly" people, a little term I use for city folk whose tennies are as bright white as their teeth, lol (I mean no offense, dear readers. I adore my city friends...besides city folk have oodles of nicknames for country folk like me, lol!)

They are truly wonderful people, they brought us moose and elk meat from Colorado, and had us in stitches with conversations of eating too many hot peppers and the many different types of "poo" a person can take.

While us adults were wrapped up in good hearted chuckles, their children played with our children.....and blood was shed. Oooh no, not between each other....with a dirtbike. Even with a "How To Drive 101" tutorial...there was a wreck. Now first let me just say that the dirtbike is a mini little thing that is set to training wheels and locked in to only go up to 5 mph. Lo.....a playhouse and their 10 year old girl on said dirtbike met each other with a crash and much drama to follow. EEK!

Now as a mother, I know that seeing your child get hurt is a scary thing and you come a runnin' no matter what! I ran too (we all saw it happen), but after a quick inspection I could see she was and would be just fine, despite a scraped neck and arm. The poor thing was wild eyed and shaking, and she had every right to be! She crashed into a solid object, even at 5 mph...a solid object has no give to it. OUCH!

Dusty, my 5 year old, shakes his head and sighs, "I'll go get some ice.." and he turns to go into the house. I had to chuckle a bit while I followed in after him, as he even knew she was fine, despite the tears and heaving in terror. We got the dear girl some ice and in 15 minutes she was jumping on the trampoline with the others.

A bit later they all wanted to go out to the pasture to find the horses. My children led the way and slid either through the gate or climbed over it. The city kids....errr....well....they didn't know how to do either. The 10 year old didn't understand how to slide her body through the gaps in the gate. The 12 year old tried to climb over, but didn't have a clue how to swing her leg OVER the top of the gate to start climbing down the other side. We all tried shouting instructions to them from where we were sitting....but...well.....err.....

Their mother eventually went over and guided them on how to climb over a gate. Really, I can't giggle too much. My little Izzy, who was born into the country life, was quite the girly girl in the beginning. She used to be terrified of climbing over a gate and would shriek in horror if a chicken chased her. She was scared to pet a kitten for fear of getting clawed. Just here in the past few years she has gotten a grip and overcome her fears. She is quite the country girl now ;)

Other than the bloodshed and the 10 year old looking like our farm had chewed her up and spit her out, we all had a great visit and I am just hoping they aren't afraid to come back out. Hehe!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Fall Equinox and Merry Mabon!!

Oh what a glorious day it be! Fall was official here at 4:18 pm!

Mmmm how I love the smell of wet earth and burning leaves, and the early morning sights of wispy fog from a pond's surface and steam rising off of mulch piles; how the red and gold mums and maple leaves look positively ablaze against a drizzly grey afternoon sky; Seeing plastic white skeletons and little homemade handkerchief ghosts dangling from oak trees; porch cats curled up and stacked ontop of each other on a doormat or rocking chair; and especially, piles and piles of autumn leaves that beckon for anyone with a childlike heart to dive into. Oh yes, I will be diving into them. ;)

I had a shop full of dogs come in for grooming today, and then more tomorrow morning, and an overwhelming day Thursday! I am happy for the load of course, and thankful for a steady clientel! Speaking of grooming, another gal has posted a sign up at the gas station offering her dog grooming services. Now, at first I had a rush of emotion and fear of competition. I easily could have ripped down her sign, wadded it up and threw it in the trash bin while whistling a guilty little tune.....but no....my feelings subsided quickly into emotions of "you go girl". It is a small town, yet PLENTY of dogs for the two of us. I may even find myself referring clients to her in the future, clients that may need something different than what I can offer (after all, all groomers are different in styles and experience and everyone needs to find their happy place with the right person, and it may not always be me). More power to her, we are all here to survive and make some money, I wish her the best!

I had a great visit with an old neighbor of mine tonight who brought his adorable border collie for me to do a nail trim on. I hadn't seen him in years, so it was nice to chit chat with him for awhile. He is the dad of a classmate of mine whom I rode the same bus as kids. I bought a pony from them once when I was about 13 or so...it was nice because once my father paid for the pony, I just rode it through their pasture and on home! I loved that pony, she was a big fat red and white paint named Patty, cuz she was born on St. Patrick's Day. They also raised pigs and cows and were involved in the local 4-H. Fond memories!

Also today I heard a strange sound out back.....and upon inspection, I had seen that Marzy the goat had gotten her head stuck underneath the fence, and every minute or so would let out a desperate garbled bleat. I "unstuck" her, and she was very thankful for the gesture! then I saw that Milkshake had escaped entirely!! I walked right up to her and herded her back inside the pen.

Well, that was my day, I need to hop off here and round up some supper for the hungry Wee Babes and husband!

Mabon Blessings!!

Monday, September 21, 2009


I am SO excited!

After realizing our old pony cart was pretty pitiful and needed a LOT of work (but I was prepared to fix it up), I happened across an ad on our local KC craigslist last night for a pony cart AND harness, all for $200!! There was no picture in the ad, and no phone number, so I replied right away. I was nervous because a set like that for that price would be GONE with the new owner giggling all the way home!

When I e-mailed the seller I left my phone number...then waited...and prayed...

Now I am all for fixing things up, and love the motto "use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without"...BUT...it would have taken a hefty chunk of change to fix up the ol' cart to be road worthy, and for this price...well, it was an exception!

The phone rang!! It was the guy with the cart and harness! WOOOOHOOO!! He said I was the first e-mailer and said I could come the next morning. I dropped the kids off at school and took off up north to Smithville, MO. When I got there, I went to the barn and met an old duffer in overalls with a walking cane who smelled of fried bacon, a perfect feller to buy a cart from! We greeted and then he pointed me to the cart which was parked outside the barn..and WOW!! It was painted a beautiful red with heavy duty black spoked wheels! The seat was absolutely perfect, not a tear on the cushion! Not a spot of rust anywhere on this beauty! This cart was a cherry, and by itself worth $300 at least! Brand new they are nearly $500!

Then he had the harness set out.... Wow! Not new but not dying either, it was all leather and broken in to the utmost perfection, like a comfortable pair of boots. I could not believe he was throwing it all in for $200, that harness was worth $125-$150.

The man says "Now I know you can go and sell this and make some money off it..." to which I replied.."Well yes sir I guess I could, but then the children would still need a pony cart, then where would we be? We won't be reselling this little gem!"

I thanked the gentleman whole heartedly, but didn't leave until I heard many of his stories about his horse dealing days. He has had some wild run ins with some crazy horses! He even warned me "So if you see me at an auction...don't buy one of my horses".

I drove away with my new purchase, giggling all the way home!

I am beyond, BEYOND excited that the Wee Babes finally have a nice complete driving set up for Licorice the pony! I can't wait to show them! I almost want to wait until Christmas because it is such a nice set, and to let Santa bring it, or a gift from us for the family gift....but then we wouldn't get any use out of it for these beautiful fall days! And oh my is it ever gorgeous out! Today is rainy and rather cold so we won't be hooking it up but hopefully later this week because the temperatures have been amazing!

Ok well, I just had to share my happy day! I can't get any good pictures until the rain stops, but I will soon!

Oh and we went to the bluegrass festival over the weekend, and let me just say that we WILL be back! Darin and I both loved every second of it, and met so many totally awesome and down to earth people! Hippies and hillbilly's galore, totally my type of people! *sigh* We cannot wait for next year!!

Yes, these old washtubs DO still exist, and play a fine bass!

Me trotting down a really fun hill, lol!

I loved this couple SO much that I had to sneak a photo of them. We were all waiting for the fiddling to start on the stage and these two were seated on the hill next to us. He sits while she knits, how perfect it was!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Goats, windchimes, and other cheer...

I have been agiggle with the delightful merriment of goat antics this afternoon! The wind has been blowing quite a bit today, which I believe has sent the goats into a tizzy of playfulness. They leap, bound, buck in midair and land faithfully on all fours like cats. They have challenged each other to duels and chased each other around the goathouse playing catch-me-if-you-can. It has worn me out just watching them!

These strong breezes have really made the windchimes sing me pretty tunes all day today! I love windchimes, it lets the wind have its very own voice and personality.

Speaking of tunes..this Friday I am going to a huge bluegrass festival, there will be fiddlers and pickers galore! The turn out for this fest is usually 30 to 40 THOUSAND attendants! My husband and I have a good friend who attends every year, and I have been curious about it for the past 12 years or so, but have never had the opportunity to really go. So I am VERY excited to finally see what it's all about! It seems almost like a mini blugrass Woodstock; People camp, party, fiddle and drink til the wee hours of the morn, and it lasts for a week! Although we are going only for one night, it's hard to find a sitter and caretaker for the farm for more than that. Ah well, I shall wear my best skirt and stompin' boots and twirl the night away, and maybe I'll just come home with my very own banjo or fiddle!! :) I can't wait!

I will try to post pics if I can, but for now, here are a few random farm pics for your enjoyment:

The Quackers!

We had a bumper crop of melons this year, 20 at least, and they were delicious!

Dusty and Isabelle.

Sam and a VERY tolerant Truffle!

Prairie Blessings!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Oh my! I need to blog again!

What a foggy beautiful morning!!Darin went fishing early, the children slept in, and so I went for a walk in the woods this morning, just me and the horses, a tagalong Truffle, and a couple of nosey kittens. ;)

Today I shall be pulling the pony cart up to the house and seeing what it needs to get it fixed up. New tires I know for sure. One of the shafts could use a little straightening out, and maybe even a new paint job.
The pony cart is one I had purchased about 13 years back at an Amish auction. I remember going by myself (as I usually did with everything when I was younger), and outbidding a couple folks for the final winning bid of $50. The funny part...the same folks I outbid helped me lift it and load it into my old beatup pickup truck.

I also have a saddle that needs to be soaped up and cleaned, maybe I can put Isabelle to that chore while I tinker around with the cart.

This week I need to order my lye for candlemaking and wax for my soapmaking...err...wait.....reverse that. LOL! It is time to make soap so it can cure in time for this fall and winter.

Alright well, I know this is a short entry, but I will catch up soon, as I know I have neglected my little blog here! Oops! Perhaps later today or tomorrow I can write another entry and get everyone up to date on the happenings here! ;)