Monday, December 29, 2008

An Ironic Day To Simplify Our "Things"..

Today, I had told Dusty and Isabelle that it was time to bag up any toys that they no longer play with to give to other children who would like to have them. They were quite agreeable to this! We did do this a bit before Christmas, but not to the extent that I would have liked (mama got sidetracked!).

So Isabelle and Dusty have spent the morning going through their things and they did a great job of letting many of their toys go! I was very proud of them! As we were bagging up, they asked me what we would do with them, and I explained that we will perhaps give them to goodwill, or put an ad on craigslist in the "free" section, or take them to the gas station to give away (the owners are very good at allowing people to sell or give things away right on their front steps, they let us sell our extra vegetables from our truck in the summer).

It wasn't two minutes after this conversation that the phone rang. It was from the school, which I thought was very odd to be getting a phone call from the school over Christmas break, but I answered to see what the message was. It was an automated message, announcing that one of the teachers had lost their home in a fire on Christmas Eve and there was to be a bake sale on January 3rd to raise money for them!! The teacher they announced was Isabelle's very own teacher!!

After the message played I hung up the phone and called Izzy to come over to me. I told her the news and she immediately teared up, I quickly reaasured her that her teacher was just fine but that they had lost everything.

I knew her teacher had children, and asked Izzy if she knew their ages. "3, 6, and I think 8 or 9." she said.

I looked at the bag of toys and knew excatly where they needed to go! Isabelle is so excited to think her toys will go to her teachers children, especially the 3 year old who is a little girl, she went up and found even more things to give away! January 3rd I will attend the bake sale and bring a few donations of my own.

What a tragic thing for their family, losing their house on Christmas. I can't even imagine. Our little rural community is wonderful though, no one is rich and most just have enough to get by themselves, but we are very good at pulling together when someone is in need, there is no doubt we can get help them get back on their feet with food, clothing, some funds, and elbow grease!

I have some of Izzy's dresses and clothes from when she was smaller that would be just right for the little girl, and perhaps Elyssa has a few items she could give to the older girl (Elyssa is petite for her age and her things would be a close match for the 9 year old).

Time to get busy!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Great Hay Blunder..

Sunday Greetings!

The children and I are up and about, Darin has slept in for the day. No need for a big breakfast then if the head of the household is still hibernating, so I broke out some crackers, cheese, bananas, and cashews and the kids and I had a lovely carpet picnic for our morning breakfast! It was delicious and fun!

I am still quite sore from my barn accident the other day. Oh dear, I neglected to write about that! Let me catch you up to! Friday was incredibly warm, it was over 60 degrees although it felt more like 70, so I seized the day and while Baby Sam took his nap, I mucked and washed the henhouse out and laid down fresh bedding and straw for the nests. Elyssa, Dusty, and Izzy also seized the warm weather for an opportunity at a spring-like (but muddy) walk in the woods. The younger one's aren't allowed in the woods alone (and really, would not go anyways in fear of Figglesnitches!), but as long as Elyssa leads their walks they may go. They were in search of fairies!

After I was good and filthy from chicken chores, I went into the barn to tinker around. Truffle of course, sat and watched my every move. Winnie ran amok, baying relentlessy at anything that moved. Oy.

I reached up to pull down a bale of hay from the stack, but with it came about 600 pounds of bales that leaned all together and slammed into me like a runaway semi truck. BOOF!!! Right into me, and onto me. I was crushed and stuck for a moment. Darling Truffle came over at my moment of distress and attempted to paw at my sleeve for about 3 seconds, then gave up. Lassie he is!!! I struggled free and couldn't quite breathe from having the wind knocked out of me and was slightly dizzy, and oh my goodness...sore! Stupid me. The bad thing is, this isn't the first time it has happened. D'oh!

So this weekend I have taken it much easier on myself, and sadly, our warm spring temps have dipped back down to biting cold! Yesterday we had freezing drizzle and then snow! Quite the change!

Well, that's my story, the great hay blunder of 2008. What could possibly be in store for me in 2009? Hehe!

Well, I'm off to build a fire and then maybe poke my husband with a stick, you know...just to make sure the man is still breathing!

Wooden Toys Never Fail...

Even our 13 year old daughter took pleasure in being creative...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Simple Christmas, Simple Joy

What a magical night! What a magical morning!! Elyssa, Isabelle, Dusty, and Sam were all goosy with excitement before bed! They had on their jammies and I read them The Grinch (we couldn't locate The Night Before Christmas) in the big creaky rocking chair next to the Christmas tree. Dusty, my four year old, was perhaps the one coming unglued the most with anticipation, the little guy could hardly sit still! I cherished every moment! We set out cookies and milk and by 9:00, they were in their beds (well...they all crammed into one bedroom to sleep on the floor together, which was so cute!) Sam being only 17 months slept in his crib.
They actually slept in longer than I had expected, until 7 am! Then I heard the thundering down the hallway and down the stairs..wait a few moments...then thundering back up the stairs and down the hallway to our room, where I was met with exclamations of "Santa came!!! Santa came!!!"

So, downstairs we went, Darin armed with his camera...and sure enough, Santa had come! The stockings were filled with pears and oranges and chocolate coins and all sorts of wonderful treasures (whoopee cushions, wooden pop guns, gum, oh the joy!). After the stockings were properly gone through, they dashed for the tree!

Isabelle, my little darling, has been hoping and wishing and praying for a new doll, and not just any doll, an American Girl doll! She not only wrote Santa a letter, she personally asked him face to face for it. So, her hopes were high as she opened her first two gifts...a cowboy hat and a pair of cowgirl boots. She was very much excited to get these, wasn't a doll. Meanwhile, Dusty was delighted with his train bank and Lincoln Logs, Sammy was tinkering with his new toy trucks and wooden blocks, and Elyssa was modeling her new furry coat and purse. There was no doll.

After everything was unwrapped and faces were smiling (even Isabelle was smiling could tell it was guarded..poor thing...she didn't get her doll). Just then, Elyssa noticed a package hiding next to the couch (Yes I know, classic "Christmas Story" move)! Could it be?? Elyssa read the tag...."To Isabelle".....

It was a long box! Shaped like...maybe......a doll? She ripped open the paper and Elyssa helped her open the unmarked brown box....and lo and behold!!! Yes!!! It was exactly what she wanted!!
Her eyes were huge, and life was good!
She has not put down her doll all day, nor taken off her cowgirl hat, nor her boots. Dusty has busted into his can of Lincoln Logs and Fiddlestix and played with his train bank for endless hours. Elyssa has dipped into her make-up and perfume, and Sam has.......played with the boxes *warm smile*.

Darin received new boxers and two new shirts, and I got 2 movies (Honeysuckle Rose and Cross Creek, both 80's flicks) and found a Countryside magazine in my stocking.

I've baked cookies and pies and made deviled eggs and beans and corn casserole and the in-laws came over this afternoon and oh my have we feasted!

A very simple Christmas, yet magical and filling!

Isabelle hugged her doll and looked at me and sighed "I love this day."

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Freezing rain..

....has skeered my grooming clients away today! I had Poncho and Bandit (a pom and a chihuahua) in early this morning, so I got them bathed and done fast and early and they have already been picked up, but the rain started, and the calls came in like I was 911 headquarters. They were sad to have to cancel, but a day like today is very understandable! One dearheart of an older lady who comes in once a month, she has a bad heart and was not able to get out in this mess to make her appointment, yet she still managed to have the postal lady bring me a package of delicious fudge covered lemon cookies for a Christmas gift! Awww!! I had offered to come and pick her dog up as a complimentary service, but she said perhaps sometime after Christmas. *smile*

So, I have the day now to get some things done before tomorrow night, which is good, yet, well...the money woulda been gooder. Hehe! Ah well. So it is.

Alright, off to get some stuff done!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dream Continuation...

Oh wow. Many months ago, I had a dream where I was in a Renaissance type setting, I was the damsel in distress, simple long white gown and all..except my dress was tattered and torn and dirty. I was running barefoot (not surprising) through the woods, panicked, I had been shot with an arrow in my gut. (The strange thing about this dream, it seemed so real, I could feel the earth under my feet, my toes trying to grip the soft pine needles and leaves for traction, the sharp rocks cutting into my soles). I was gripping the arrow and trying to run, running from something....sinister, dark, evil? I didn't know..but it was one of those dreams where you're running and not getting anywhere. Finally, I collapsed against a tree, huddling against it, hoping it would just open up and take me in. I was passing in and out of consciousness, and then....rain. Cold rain. I remember looking down and seeing the blood around the arrow run in pink rivers around my hands and down my gown. Something was out was getting closer. Then some little elf type creatures showed up, five or six of them...they were wearing cloaks and came to my aid. One in particular made a salve out of moss, mud, and herbs to apply to the wound, but the evil "thing" had finally caught up to me.....the elf creatures hid behind a fallen log. Before I could see what my fate was standing before me, I passed out.

When I awoke, I was in a room made from stone, much like you would see in a castle. Stone floors with warm rugs, tapestries hanging from the walls. There were strange symbols on the tapestries. Long, tapering candlesticks and wall sconces set off a warm glow to the dark room I was in. I was clean, in a fresh gown, and the arrow had been removed from my gut.

Then, something came to the door and was about to come inside, it was my belief to be whatever had been chasing me in the woods...and then my dream ended!! I never saw WHAT or WHO was on the other side of the door!!

So months have gone by.....I had forgotten completely about my dream...until last night.
I don't recall having many "continuation" dreams, if ever, really. So this one was rather unique.

Last night, the door opened, however in my first dream I was in a bed when somebody came to the door, last night, I was standing...weak still from the arrow, but standing. The door opened, and in walked a little old crone, wearing a shawl. She was much like Tasha Tudor in appearance and mannerisms. She had some herbs in her hand, and greeted me with a quiet and pleasant hello. I was relieved to see she was not someone I needed to be alarmed about. However, I still didn't know what was happening to me.

The crone walked to a candlelit table in the room where she had a mortar and pestle, and began to grind down some of the herbs fresh off the stems. She added clay powder and a bit of water, making a salve, which she then spread onto two pieces of muslin and brought over to me. She lifted the old muslin off my wound, which was black and encrusted with clay, moss, and my blood, and replaced it with the fresh piece. Then however, she took the second piece and put on my chest, over my heart.

"What is this one for?" I asked. "There is no wound there."

"Ah, but there is." she corrected me. "You are wounded in the heart, but it is not visible to the eye. The arrow was tipped with poison, this will stop the flow, and draw it outward. Tomorrow, you will have a visible wound. Make sure not to touch it, it will still be potent."

I asked her if I was safe here, and she said "for now, you have a battle coming up."

THEN IT WAS OVER!!!!! That is ALL I got out of it!!! It was so fast and such a short snippit of a dream, and I am so frustrated and confused...I even tried to finish it myself...but couldn't. You know how sometimes you wake up after a dream and try to get back to that point to "finish" it....I couldn't do it!!

So, I'm thinking I must have some sort of trilogy going on here....LOL! When will the third act come? ARGH!

Anyways, the whole Renaissancy setting of the dreams sort of reminded me of those movies, Lord of the Rings. I have not seen a single one, but do remember the previews and all of the hype when they were out. Now, I sort of have a hankering to watch them and see what they're all about. It might be a good thing to have somethng to do over the Christmas break coming up.
I have not seen the Harry Potter movie's either, but those don't seem to interest me as much.

Alright well, off to get some things done.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I've Arrived

Ahhhhh....I am here. Hang on a moment while I dip my bare toes into the waters here at Hmmm...yes...I do declare it shall suit me just fine, and I hope to meet many new acquaintances if any are so inclined to actually read my drivel. Drivel, dribble, babble, yadda yadda, me, and more me...*dry heave*. What I mean to say awesome to meet you!

It is a blustery day in Missouri....biting winds that scream through any seeps and gaps in the house it can find, and making the "barn" cats cuddle up in tight balls just outside the front door. I have done my morning chores which include feeding the goats, chickens, and all other begging critters. The goats are so dainty and cute, they greet me with their thick fuzzy coats and darling pink noses with exclamations of "Maaaaaammmaaa!" upon seeing me. It is so nice to feel wanted, even if I all I am to them is their source of food, hehe! My little poodle, Truffle (whom is as cute as a button but possibly half retarded), always plucks along besides me as I feed and water. Even if his kibble has been put down, he accompanies me throughout my morning of chores before he eats his breakfast. The loyalty! After the animals are fed, I feed the human critters!

I groomed a few dogs on this Saturday morning. I have a sweetheart of a new client who drove over from the neighboring town with his little sheltie named Rocky. Apparently, poor Rocky had a run in with a bad groomer awhile back, and after examination by a veterinarian, it was determined that Rocky had received deep bruising along the back which caused him enough trauma and stress to loose some hair. There is no way to say exactly how Rocky had received the bruising, if it was from a fall (ie: falling from the groomers table and landing on his spine), or if it was from actual blows from a hand.

Rocky was absolutely the sweetest dog in the world, I can't imagine a groomer having to hit or abuse him to make him "mind". Anyways, the owner was very leary about leaving his dog, and asked if he could stay while I groomed. No problem! The gentleman stayed and we had a lovely chat while I bathed, dryed, and brushed his beloved Rocky. When I went to trim Rocky's nails, he gave each paw willingly as if he were demanding the pampering. This surprised the owner, as he said "Rocky doesn't like anyone touching his feet...I've never seen him give like that." Awww, that was good to hear, and glad the owner felt trust in me!

The man left feeling confident about my grooming, and I felt good to have met two very wonderful new friends!

As for the rest of the day, I may do some cookie baking! I have been sick for the past two weeks with a wretched cough and cold, and baking while hacking over everything didn't sound too pleasing (especially serving them to friends and family knowing I had hacked all over it..ewww!).

It shall be a quiet Saturday, the children are anxiously awaiting Santa's arrival, except for Dusty, my four year old, he has been undecided whether he wants a stranger in his house or not. LOL! We shall see *wink*.