Sunday, March 29, 2009

Snow, and a Floggin' Rooster...

Snow! Not as much as they had predicted, thankfully. Still, the kids have had a blast, and my husband and I have agreed, it is quite possibly the best "packing" snow we have ever experienced.

It was not the best snow to sled in, so we didn't get Licorice the pony out to pull today, although I will attach a photo of a few weeks ago when we did harness her to the sled.

Went out to gather eggs this morning, and one of the roosters was so anxious for me to toss out his corn, that he decided to flog me. He was met my with my fist which knocked him clean out of the air and he landed hard in the snow with a POOF. He stood up, shook himself off, and gave another rooster a dazed and "WTF" look.

He is lucky, for if I were in the mood, he would have met his fate on the chopping block instead of my fist, like his brother last week, whom was floured up and fried.

His day is near. MWUHAHHAHHAAA!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Goats'n eggs

Hehe, sometimes when yer cookin' breakfast on a farm, some unexpected visitors show up. This was my view out the side door, next to the stove..


Did you know that goats have a curiousity worse than a cat? They just HAD to inspect my washtub.


Last, beautiful eggs from my lovely hens! Every day is like an easter egg hunt!


Hope you all have had a blessed day!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Feels like rain...

Oh my, have I abandoned my blog! EEK! I do declare I have been so wrapped up in goin's on's and have pieced out my days among e-mails to friends (did that make ANY sense?) that I have neglected my blog (again!).

Ahhh....spring is here!! It has been so wonderful! This past weekend was AMAZING weather, and the children played outside all day long. What little they were inside was spent reading books. They walked to the woods and "camped" along the creek, gathered the eggs, jumped on the trampoline, and each took turns pulling baby Sam around the yard in a laundry basket tied with a rope. He squealed in delight! Dusty found the best stick in the world and took it everywhere around the yard with him, he loved it so much that...well....we planted it. Yup, we planted a stick and Dusty has been tending and watering it like something very magical might happen. Perhaps it will. *wink*

I spent all of Saturday hanging laundry up on the line, it is so nice not to hang it indoors now (we don't use the electric dryer...ever). Dusty loves running between the rows of the laundry and laughs as it flaps up against his face.

I got all of the goats' little hooves trimmed up nice and pretty and they pranced and leaped as if they had new shoes on, they are such dainty little sweethearts.

Today, Monday, it is so incredibly windy that I had to put about five clothespins each on the laundry! The shirts are getting twisted and tangled although I must say they are getting dry in record time!

They are calling for storms tonight, which has me on edge of course (for those who don't know me, I have a lightning phobia). We will see what becomes of the forecast, as so far the wind is about all the forecasters have gotten right. But I must say, through the pounding winds it does feel like rain. eeek!

Well, best be gettin', gonna go make sure the clothes haven't blown away.