Sunday, October 25, 2009

My fears realized...

All of my Unity buddies said they were skipping service this morning to go to the Psychic Fair instead...soooo....I ditched service too, and instead of the Fair, I decided to go for a meditative horseback ride on Shunami to the little town cemetery for some photo ops, and then maybe catch the Fair later.

The ride was peaceful, but Shunami seemed a little "on edge".

Then, I saw over the southwestern horizon, a big black storm was brewing up and coming our direction fast, with lightning in the lead and clearing out a path! Now, I have a deep seated lightning phobia, and being caught on the backroads on horseback in a lightning storm is one of my worst fears....and there it was, my worst fear...headed straight for us!! *enter dramatic music*

We were a mile from home, and I wanted to panic, but I had to get a hold of myself, because Shunami would pick up on it. Shunami stepped up into gait (she's a Missouri Foxtrotter) as the lightning crashed in the background. We made it home literally in the nick of time, and I no more pulled the saddle off of Shunami's back and turned her loose in the pasture when the storm WAS HERE! EEK!

I am wondering if our Creator was shaking his finger at me for ditching church this morning, hehehe!


Shunami waits patiently for me to take some photo's..

A darling little autumn cherub sits sweetly in the cemetery.

I won't be skipping church next Sunday *wink* ;)

Autumn blessings,